Slovenian istria

Tradition and modernity inspired be the Mediterranean

Between the Karst Edge and the Adriatic Sea, we can find a piece of land with a pleasant climate, generous soil and hospitable locals. The tradition of the good life of its simple people is tightly linked with the influence of Venetian culture, which left its mark here thanks to this land's strategic importance. All of this is further spiced with a fresh breeze of the current urban environment.

Discover Slovenian Istria


Izola is a small seaside town with a rich history, marked mostly by fishing. Izola was once an island and until this day is still uniquely bound to the sea and the fishing traditions. The town is characterized by various beaches, orange wine, water sports and traditional events celebrating the gifts from the surrounding lands. Come to Izola for an authentic experience of the Mediterranean!


portorož & Piran

Portorož & Piran lie in the embrace of the saltpans. The tradition of salt harvesting, now more than 700 years old, has woven its mighty story through the narrow stone streets, pleasant bays and fertile Mediterranean landscape. Discover various uses of sea salt entangled within the ethereal romance of Piran, the wellness tradition of Portorož and the hedonistic pleasures of the Istrian hinterland.



Koper is a town of a hundred suns which adornvthe medieval Venetian palaces. The sun warms up the lagoon of the Škocjanski Zatok Nature Reserve with hundreds of birds, the Karst Edge and world famous climbing areas. Istrian cuisine draws you to numerous events.



Ankaran is a municipality, located on the southern end of the Ankaran peninsula next to the Italian border. The visitors are attracted to it because of its green land, hills, vineyards and olive yards, all of which stir up feelings of familiarity, likableness and kindness. The nature and Mediterranean climate, with its mild winters, tempt you to go outside for a walk through the Regional park Debeli rtič. During the summer, visitors are attracted by beautiful, green beaches with snack bars.